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Exzadrian Williams Brings Greater Value to Everything He Touches

April 19, 2019
Above all, Exzadrian Williams has extensive experience in real estate investment and asset management. Of course, his knowledge of real property rehabilitation is also very impressive. Exzadrian Williams has managed all sorts of rental properties, ranging in size from 8 to 300 units. He is a specialist when it comes to determining which multiple residential properties are in need of work so that they can be turned back into good quality housing.

Exzadrian Williams is far more than just a realtor. He holds many professional memberships and certifications in a number of real estate organizations, associations and disciplines. He holds onto memberships in EBRHA and Five Points Business Association of Greater Metropolitan Las Vegas, the National Apartment Association, and the Las Vegas Real Estate Investing Association. If that’s not enough, you should also know that, he is also certified as a private equity professional, a business mediator, a property manager and a financial planner. He can do just about anything you need if you have a property to rehab.